Saturday, March 31, 2012


More than 60 people stuffed inside a room.. On these hot sunny days where everyone wishes to stay home and have a watermelon.. Students who hoped to be free after their board exam have come for this crash coaching where teachers are more busy solving the problems rather than the students. A coaching class where some hope that their life will be brought to a whole new dimension of happiness and contentment, some others who just consider this as a tryout, where they want to try out their luck. And some others doesn't  even know why they are here except for their parents. A crash coaching is a place where people expect to create miracles but in reality it is not possible. As most of the parents of today expect their children to get into an engineering college with low fees and no donation every high school passed out have to go through this 30 day long hectic and mostly useless coaching class!!! 

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  1. well said.It's compeletly useless.Waste of time and money.