Friday, December 27, 2013

The attempt..

It was a fine evening until then...
then is when we got the call..
A call that got all of us heart struck ....

Our dear friend Mr Stan has attempted suicide.. the news is not the only thing that got us heart struck but in a twisted or maybe in a direct we might be the reason for this attempt.. suicide attempt..
Its usual when you borrow money when your in college but it not so usual if its as huge as 15K from a single person! and when that 15 K is to be used to pay the basic need.. water electricity transport..

And its not usual when you borrow it from a student who has come to study again after discontinuing the previous course in its final years!

And its not usual when that 15 K is the hard earned money of parents who has been working day and night abroad endlessly saving every penny they can get!

This were the thoughts when we got the call and moreover it was his brother.. and it wasn't a call to inform us about what had happened but rather it was more of a cold dreaded warning.. silently it said 'vengeance will be avenged' because the ever loving and caring brother knew we had borrowed.. and that was the exact reason why he did the act!

Rewinding 4 hrs back he was with us.. enjoying the college fun.. the youth spirit.. the luxury..

His brother had just arrived and the first thing he notice when he was home was that there was no electricity.. the connection was cut due to bills that were due...and on his way he came to know that his sweet little had a fractured leg.. the fractured leg.. a thing which Stan should have told by himself.. a thing if a brother learns from a third person will be worried.. and a little bit angry for not knowing from his own little brother..
And one more thing.. Coming home he couldn't find his brother home.. nor was his mobile phone ringing.. all this were things which a brother should be worried about.. and more over should be taken care off!!

Learning where his brother was he came for his brother.. he was at his friends place.. In our place to be more precise.. He came.. He met all of us.. with a smile.. hiding whatever there was in his mind..  giving little intros from our side..
He was as tall as Stan.. with less hair on the forehead..
His smile was fake.. his eyes showed true rage.. anger.. against life maybe.. or an unknown reason to us!

After that he went. he went with his brother. without bidding farewell.. it was as if we had some unfinished business.. Something more was to happen!

They went away.. Stan had our pity. his brother had our respect!
And we were back to life.. college life..
it was time for movie..
without knowing what was about to come we were happily preparing for movie..
And he called us.. Stan had called us to pick him up for movie.. it was a little strange.. after all the problems he caused he wanted to come for movie with us.. But it was Stan! we didn't bother thinking..
Our college was not that easy to find.. Google Map would help but still it wasn't that easily accessible.. one had to go as long as 7 km from NH to reach this god forsaken place! and to reach the nearest theater or  maybe a town one had to go a little while in the NH..
And this time was a time when we didn't have enough bikes to travel.. we had to struggle with three in a bike.. and police was one thing we were afraid of! and so we reached the theater and had to go again to pick Stan!
Stan was again back with us.. and the reviews about this movie was really good. So we were really expecting something... Something..
But Stan was called back... We laughed again when he went back!
And i was the one who dropped him! He was happy..
He had told his brother had asked him on a beer! and he kindly rejected.. He was full of praise for his elder one!
Stan also said that he might call again to pick him up once the deal with him and his brother were over..
So that was it.. that was the good bye..

When we got the call we didn't wait till the elevator to open up.. We took the stairs..  rushing down.. half of us not knowing what actually happened..
Some of us went in bike.. Some ran! we reached the nearest hospital but Stan was nowhere to be found..
We had to ring him up again.. Stan's brother..
It was really hard to dial the number.. The keys seemed hard to press.. like never before..
But it had to be pressed..
the phone ranged so did our hearts! It was exploding..
We got the hospital.. nevertheless we ran.. with all our might to the hospital..

I was in the auto.. reached there after the people in bike.. Saw his uncle out on the front of hospital..
his brother was nowhere to be found... we slowly walked our hearts ran.
We reached near the uncle..
his brother was coming out of the hospital now.
He had a new face...
now his eyes and lips showed rage.. pure rage.. He didn't spoke.. He just took out a cigarette..  and He lighted it.. He was about to speak...
Our heartbeats slowed down... nearly stopped..  It was as if the earth stopped revolving for him to speak...

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